DelayWorx logo A simple, but effective, delay calculator. DelayWorx is a delay calculator that can be used to 
		determine parameters for external effects units, measures, BPM tempo and to help recording engineers, musicians, and DJs. Microsoft Store button
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The Delay tab takes beats per minute and translates that in musical 
		terms to a number of milliseconds for a given note value, from a whole note to a 64th.The LoopLab tab helps determine tempo, time signature, loop time or 
		how many measures will result. This is especially useful for: Recording engineers that need to match effects parameters with the BPM of song they are engineering. 
		Musicians scoring pieces that need to adhere to rigid time constraints such as commercials, shows, films or other broadcast media.
		DJs that need to match effects parameters and manage multiple loops over the course of an entires composition or set.

Fret Worx screen shot

System Requirement:Microsoft Windows® 10, 800 x 600 screen resolution and least 20 MB of disk space., 
		Microsoft Windows® Phone 10, 512 MB, iPad®, iPhone®iOS 9.3.5, Android® Lollipop (5.1), Coming soon for Mac® OS