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ThoughtfulArts exists to create art and music using computer technology and to help other artists, programmers, and musicians be more creative and productive using computer technology.
ThoughtfulArts was founded in May of 2004 by a former Microsoft software architect who has been designing award winning software products for over 30 years and composing, recording, and performing music for over 40 years.
ThoughtfulArtisans have authored books on software development, created multi-media museum exhibits, designed recording studios, and designed and developed dozens of commercial products and custom software applications for companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to small businesses.
ThoughtfulArtists play a wide range of musical instruments, have composed and engineered music of all types for recordings, live performances, and computer games.
We are a for-profit company, however, we are open to considering creative solutions or may discount, defer, or even waive our fees for unusual artistic, educational, or research projects. Please check out the products we offer on our web site and feel free to use the links on the "Contact" page to contact us if you have questions or feedback.