Have you ever wondered how modes work? Or heard a chord and wondered what it was called? Or wanted to learn new scales but just don’t have the time to leaf through a dictionary of confusing names or tabs and end up frustrated after spending an hour or two getting lost down the rabbit hole that is the internet?

FretWorx provides an easy to use solution showing chords, scales and arpeggio positions and fingerings. You can learn to use FretWorx in just a few minutes at home or anywhere on your laptop or phone. :

“This is the product I wished I had when I was just starting out.” says Dave Quick, the owner of Thoughtful Arts. “FretWorx was created to help musicians develop musically. Even the most seasoned musician finds themselves searching for the right chord from time to time, FretWorx makes it easy to visualize chords, scales, and arpeggios to find what you’re looking for, even on a phone.”

Choose from Guitar, Bass Guitar and Baritone Guitar with other instruments and modules in the works for future release.

FretWorx, the easy way to learn!