Thoughtful Arts Readies FretWorx:Deluxe™, For Immediate Delivery.

Seattle, WA – September 22nd, 2018 – Thoughtful Arts, announced the immediate release of their product FretWorx:Deluxe™ on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 10, and Windows 10 for free. (Ad supported)

FretWorx:Deluxe™ provides a dictionary of chord, scale, and arpeggio definitions, and an encyclopedia of chord, scale, and arpeggio fingerings.

You can learn to use FretWorx:Deluxe™ in just a few minutes and replace dozens of chord and scale books with a faster, easier, and more powerful alternative.

For almost any fretted or fingered stringed instrument you can:

Choose from Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Baritone Guitar for a free first instrument. Beyond the first instrument, add-ons are available for under $5, including an option for removing the ads forever. Other instruments and modules are planned.

“This is the product I wished I had when I was just starting out.” says Dave Quick, the owner of Thoughtful Arts. “FretWorx:Deluxe™ was created to help musicians develop musically. Even the most seasoned musician finds themselves searching for the right chord from time to time, FretWorx:Deluxe™ makes it easy to visualize chords, scales, and arpeggios to find what you’re looking for, even on a phone.”